Thursday, September 24, 2009

About Stephen Denne


This post is to introduce myself, Stephen Denne.

I'm a husband, and a father of two young children.

My goal is to increasingly know God and make God known. I've been a software developer for many years, and involved to various degrees in a number of bible software products, helping to make God known. My main areas of software expertise would be in compression, conversion, searching, and catering for small form factor PDAs and mobiles.

2009 has been a year of changes so far for me - moving to Christchurch New Zealand (from Wellington), buying a nice house in Christchurch, moving again, into that house, and finding a church.

In amongst those changes, I've started adapting the GoBible Creator to be able to create GoBible applications from the bible modules of The SWORD Project. After starting that task, I discovered that over five years ago I'd suggested that someone create such an application.

That makes me think that maybe it took me five years to listen to God, regarding the option of helping with GoBible myself, and that having good ideas may be God saying you can be the one to bring that idea into existence.

What good ideas has God given you?

Monday, September 21, 2009 announces Welsh Go Bible

I am happy to report today's announcement at of the Go Bible application of the colloquial Welsh translation of the New Testament by Arfon Jones. This can be downloaded by visiting this site:

This transation is copyright Gobaith i Gymru / Hope for Wales.

The CrossWire Bible Society has been granted permission to distribute this translation, and it is already available as a SWORD module in the CrossWire beta repository.

Work on translating the Old Testament into modern Welsh is continuing.