Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go Bible and many success stories.

Really I am proud to be a member in the Go Bible Team and to contact such a man like Jolon who create a very handy useful application to read "The Holy Bible" on your Mobile phone, and if you think for a while you will see that you never forget your mobile, it is always in your hands or in your pocket. so it is so easy in your spare time to pick your mobile, launch the GoBible application and start read, and may God Bless you.

Also many thanks to David who spent alot of time in converting different formats of bibles, creating alot of translations, and porting them to Go Bible, he also shares his experience in a great way as it seems moment by moment on the Go Bible Forum.

oh, long introduction but they well deserve this.
The first time I come across Go Bible was in June 2006, I was in need of an Arabic Bible on my Mobile phone (Nokia 6630) and I discovered this application after installing many Symbian application that halted my phone!!!

There was some problems in the Arabic version simply defined in reversed words that appearing on Nokia Series 60 phones in some chapters, I contacted Jolon first to report these bugs, but I have no answer, he receives alot of emails, so be patient, then I decided to fix these bugs.
I contacted jolon again and he said to me that there are many users of Arabic GoBible reported these bugs, but no one comes up with a solution.

After some trials in the wrong way to reverse the characters of words of these chapters by a perl script. I wondered if I can find the reason of the reversed words that appearing not only healing by a hard coding fix. and I succeeded, I discovered a 3 byte character in the source text file which was causing the problem. I have removed the 3 byte character which occurred 5452 times.

This problem was appeared only on Nokia Series 60 phones not in Sony Ericson, because Nokia can render this 3 byte character while Sony Ericsson can't.

I emailed Jolon again with this fix in addition to other important fixes:
  • Translated the new user interface keywords into Arabic.
  • Added the first verse to John 3 which was missing.
  • Added a missing verse to 1 Timothy.

and this fix published on Friday 25 August 2006

Thanks God.

Share us with your success stories with Go Bible, this will encourage many people to do so, and spread the Word of God to all nations.

God Bless you