Thursday, October 22, 2009

Go Bible for Android phones

Yesterday I discovered that it is possible to convert any Java ME application to an Android package file APK, using a free online converter called GetAPK.

One of my colleagues has tested this for a few Go Bible applications in a number of different languages, with a considerable degree of success. He wrote,
It's not perfect, it sometimes hangs if you run multiple copies of the program at once, the font is rather cruddy, but it does work. You need to install the J2ME Runner application on the phone but the program prompts you when you don't have it. The small icon compared to the normal sized Android icon is a minor issue.
I have therefore converted the KJV Go Bible to KJV.APK for the benefit of a wider number of potential users. This is a useful interim solution for getting free Bibles onto Android phones.

Depending on further feedback, I hope to convert a few more Go Bibles in the same way, and make them available for download from shared folders in my account. These programs will all be unsupported software, provided on an "as is" basis, as a "stop-gap" measure for Android users. I myself don't yet have an Android mobile phone.

Meanwhile, there is nothing to stop you using GetAPK to convert Go Bible applications by yourself.......

David Haslam
CrossWire Go Bible project leader