Saturday, February 19, 2011

Development Update: Symmetric Scrolling Branch

Symmetric Scrolling (Symscroll) Branch
If you look at the SVN repository, the symmetric scrolling (symscroll) branch is where all the new check-ins have been taking place. The features available on this branch include:
  1. Symmetric scrolling. Pressing 'up' goes up by one screen, and pressing 'down' goes down by one screen. This should be much more intuitive than the previous method*.
  2. Touchscreen support. For the few out there using the dying breed of phones that support both Java and touchscreens, this branch is for you. For touchscreen phones with a hardware menu button, you can safely get rid of the on-screen keypad and retain full functionality.
  3. Psalm titles
  4. Text added in by translators can now be marked up, provided the original sources have them.
  5. Verse numbers in other numeral representations.
  6. Search next feature allows you to search from a particular point in the text.
* The previous method, whereby 'up' went up by one verse, and 'down' went down by one screen, had its merits, namely speed, which this branch is going to assume is less relevant in the era of phones that can emulate Nintendo Gameboys.